Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
(Hippocrates 460-377BC)

Welcome to Garden of Eden, where we encourage our clients and friends to partake in natural nourishment through healthy, organic and biodynamic products.

Incorporating fresh, healthy foods into your diet does not have to be complicated. In fact, our product range encompasses many foods in their most basic form, so you can enjoy fresh flavours that are naturally occurring.

Garden of Eden is built on the idea of a community store that supplies affordable, high quality health foods and whole foods, encouraging clients to make healthy food choices. We are avid supporters of Australian farmers and food industries where possible, and we work with local suppliers to be able to provide clients with a variety of healthy and natural produce, products and body care items.

Our Vision

Garden of Eden Tweed Heads has a range of therapists on site, including yoga, massage therapist, cosmetic tattoo & health/life coach.